Edward Elric is the hero of the Fullmetal Alchemist series and one of the main protagonists of Fullmetal Kingdom: The Fanfic.


Edward is sent along with his younger brother, Alphonse, to the desert city, Lior, where they are supposed to look for information on 7 murders (6 soldiers and a priest).

As the Elric Brothers reach Lior, they hear a broadcast from a man named Cornello, a man said to be the prophet of Leto. Ed decided to leave but then, Al accidentally broke the radio that broadcasts Cornello's message, though it was in a million pieces, Al said that he could fix the radio. As soon as Al drew the Transmutation Circle, he fixed the radio in no time, using only his alchemy.

Ed explains that he and Al were pretty famous from Central. Though no one knew who they were, a hooded woman reveals Ed to be the Fullmetal Alchemist.

Then, Sora came before Ed and told him that the State Military sent him as his bodyguard, however, Ed does not believe him. Sora tried to explain the situation to Ed, but he walks away laughing, thinking that Sora was just another "fan".

After a few hours, Sora meets with the Elrics again, and like Sora, they too were ambushed by Followers of Leto. Ed then asks Sora's new friend, Rose, if she knew anything about why they attacked, but she was as confused as they were.

Just then, a Shadow attacked, and despite Edward's talent with a transmuted spear given to him by Al, he was nearly killed, but before the Shadow could make the finishing blow, Sora's killer instinct kicked in and saved Ed's life. After witnessing Sora's skills, Ed finally believes Sora's story about being his bodyguard.

But the Shadow wasn't defeated yet, it attacks Sora, but was quickly dealt with by Cornello. Rose then asked Cornello if he could spare some rooms at the Temple of Leto for Sora and the Elric Brothers, to which Cornello agreed.

Ed was asked if he wanted to take a tour of the temple, but he refused. He meets with Al, who spoke with Rose a while ago. As it turns out, Rose is with Cornello because she thinks he can resurrect her old boyfriend, Cain.






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