Sora is the hero of the Kingdom Hearts series and one of the main protagonists in Fullmetal Kingdom: The Fanfic.


Arc 1: Lior
Sora is one of many young children of Y. O. U. T. H., who were trained to protect or annihilate their target. He lived with them after he was found on the streets and brought him in, at Cid's Orphanage on Destiny Islands.

By the time he was 14, he was picked by the State Military and adopted by Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes to undergo an assignment. Before he left, he gave his best friend, (and the most experienced of the orphans) Riku, his Lucky Charm and promised to return. He arrived to Central, where he met with Hughes's superior, Colonel Roy Mustang, a State Alchemist with the nickname, "Flame Alchemist". Mustang hired Sora so that he could protect one of his men, Edward Elric, the "Fullmetal Alchemist".

Sora took a train and met with Heymans Breda, one of the Colonel's men, to go by car to meet with Edward at Lior, the Desert City. As Sora was told, Lior was where the murders of 6 soldiers and one priest were reported in, and Edward was believed to have been sent to Lior to investigate. And when Sora arrived, he met with Edward, who turned out to be a 15 year old boy with a 'short' temper, and his younger, yet tall brother, Alphonse Elric. When Sora tried to tell him that the state sent him, Edward laughed at him and thought he was just "another fan".

Believing his mission was a waste, Sora was about to leave when he noticed a strange shadow heading for the same direction the Elrics went. But then, Sora was attacked by men claiming to be followers of Leto, the Sun God that watched over Lior. After defeating a few of them with his Avenger, Sora was outnumbered by more followers. But before they could fire, a young 16 year old girl named Rose Thomas came and demanded that the followers repent for their sins and leave Sora alone, otherwise, the Sun God would punish them. As the followers left, Sora thanked Rose for what she did. Rose decided to help Sora look for the Elrics, who were already at the Temple of Leto.

When Sora and Rose arrived at the temple, they find the Elrics. Sora and Ed went on another argument until Ed noticed that Sora said the colonel's name, Sora starts to tell Ed about why he was sent. Suddenly, the Shadow Sora was following appeared and attacked them. The Elrics held them off, but to no avail. But Sora succeeded in killing the Shadow before it had a chance of attacking. After seeing his moves up close, Edward finally believed Sora was sent by the state to protect him.

Father Cornello, the Prophet of Leto, thanked Sora for protecting Rose and offered him and the Elrics a place to stay inside his temple. As he was given a tour through the temple, Sora noticed Rose at the graveyard, talking to the grave of her old boyfriend, Cain. Sora then asks Rose about what happened, and she told him about how she was alone and had no family in the world, and Cain was all she ever had.

The next day, Sora was brought out by Rose to witness Cornello's miracles. After watching for a few minutes, he wanted to ask Rose about Cornello and his miracles, but apparently, so did Edward. In the Temple of Leto, Sora realized Edward was after something in Lior. Suddenly, Cornello's servant, Cray, arrived with Alphonse and shot Al in the head, he then proceeded in pointing the gun at Edward, stating that he was an enemy of God. Sora stood in his way, preventing Cray from taking a shot, so he takes Rose as a hostage and commands Sora to move. Just then, Alphonse stopped him, while Ed knocks him unconscious.

Sora then found out that Al was a living suit of armor, though his body was gone, Alphonse stated that he was still alive. Sora shook his fear away and helped them find Rose, who went to Cornello. Cornello revealed that his miracles were indeed alchemy, granted to him by the Philosopher Stone in his ring, and that he was responsible for the murders. Realizing that he was lying to Rose about bringing her boyfriend back, Sora was the first to badmouth Cornello. Cornello sends two Chimera beasts to kill him and the Elrics.

After the Sora and the Fullmetal Alchemist defeated the Chimeras, Cornello saw Edward's Automail and revealed to Rose and Sora that the two brothers performed Human Transmutation, a forbidden form of alchemy that requires human specimens. Cornello claimed that the Elrics want to take his Philosopher Stone to bring their mother back from the dead again. But Edward corrected him, saying that all he and Al want the stone for was to restore their bodies back to normal. Enraged, Cornello transmuted his cain into a gun and tries to shoot them, but the three were quickly protected by a small figure who gave Sora the Key to humanity's fate. Sora and the Elrics then made their escape from Cornello's forces. While the three heroes were hiding, Cray announced that The Elrics and Sora threatened Cornello's life, and they were declared fugitives.

In Lior, Sora was told to run while the Elrics make their escape and lure away the angry townspeople. while Sora was running, he heard Edward's voice. Sora rushed to try and help, but he was too late, Edward was captured while Al's armored body was crushed by living statues. Angered by the ruthless murder, Sora stepped in and attacked. During the fight, he bonded the Key with his Avenger to create a strange shaped sword. with it, he swiftly destroyed the statues. Afterwords, Sora checked up on Al, but discovered that it was too late. As he looked at the crushed armor, he was knocked unconscious by Rose, who brought him to Cornello.

Cornello snatches the Keyblade and Edward's pocketwatch to make sure the two don't use them to escape. As they were inside their cell, Sora was visited by a hooded man, who said he came to see the door to the world. Sora became confused, but before he could understand, Rose arrived with food. The two were having a hard time looking at one another, so Rose told Sora to come with her and see Cain, who Cornello brought back to life.

Rose guides Sora to the room where Cain was resting, but he was startled to see dead birds near the bed. Sora then told Rose to take him back to his cell before Cornello finds them, but the so-called prophet was already aware of their presence in the room. And what Rose thought was Cain was actually another Bird Chimera, as Cornello locked the door behind them, the chimera attacked Sora and Rose, but before it could touch them, Alphonse surprised it and gave Sora back the Keyblade. Together, they defeated the Bird Chimera and saved Rose.

After they escaped the temple, Sora watched as Alphonse was building a large speaker out of a few wires, a missing bell, and other appliances. When Al turned the speaker on, they, and the rest of Lior, heard a conversation between Ed and Cornello, who exposed his entire plan without even knowing it.

Fearful, Cornello tried to flee the scene, but the townspeople were waiting for him to show his face and explain why he lied to them. Cornello then threatened Rose, forcing Sora to attack Cornello, who's ring started a chain reaction and mutated his ring hand into a metallic nightmare. Cornello then used the power of his Ring to change himself into a giant monster! With his agility and flexibility, Sora was able to hold his own against Cornello, until the giant threw a statue at him and greatly injured Sora. But Sora provided Ed with plenty of time to use his alchemy to bring out the giant statue from inside the temple, and punching Cornello's lights out.

Now that Lior was finally free from Cornello's grasp, it was time for Sora and the Elric Brothers to go. Before they left, Sora wanted to say goodbye to Rose, but to his disappointment, she wasn't thankful at all for Sora and the Elric Brothers for revealing Cornello. She blamed him for her never getting the chance to see her boyfriend again. She then called him a murderer, like the other orphans from Y. O. U. T. H. saying that he would never understand what it meant to lose someone he loved...or did he?

Sora then confessed that he cared more about her than she thought, and that he would never betray her, and that she can always trust him to be there for her. He then said that he chose a long time to stop taking lives, and he told Rose that she could even make a choice. Ed supported his bodyguard by telling Rose to "get up and move forward" because she was strong enough to make her own choices.


Sora was raised to be an emotionless killer, but unlike most of the children and teenagers, he was able to keep his emotions, and became a more thankful and appreciative youth. He enjoys playing out in the sun, and competing with his friends, especially Riku, who he wants to be like someday.

Sora can also feel sadness, like when he was about to leave the orphanage and his friends, annoyance, like when he had to listen to Hughes's constant jabbering about his daughter, and loyalty, when he stood before Mustang and saluted.

Sora also had a bit of an angry attitude whenever he and Ed get into fights, sometimes forcing Sora to mock Ed's height when Ed was getting better at his insults.

Sora also seems to be very strict about not wanting to kill his enemies, a reason that seems to be a mystery. At times though, when he is confronted by a Golem or a Chimera, he will be uncontrollable and will do whatever it takes to kill it.


He is 14 years old, and has the same appearance as when he was in Kingdom Hearts II, except his clothing is based on the Drive Mode from Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix.


Sora is gifted with fast reflexes and swordsmanship, just like in the Kingdom Hearts series, he can tell what ingredients were used on clothing, like with Mustang, when he sniffed his hand after shaking Mustang's hand and guessed that it was made from Ignition Cloth.

He also possesses exceptional strength and can throw a person as far as a professional athlete could throw a football.

Riku described Sora as a bit of a failed assassin, however, he complements Sora for always succeeding in trying to protect his target, thus granting him the title, bodyguard.



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